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Making Sense During an Uncertain Time


The world is changing - are you changing along with it? Find out how to focus on the internal business while adapting to the external environment. 

Adaptable Business Models

Learn how to evaluate your business model and find sustainable and responsible solutions for managing your operations moving forward.

Leading Through Coronavirus


Evaluate your leadership skills in uncertain times. Ask yourself: What kind of leader am I, and how do I sustain that? How do I communicate with and engage staff through periods of uncertainty? How do I re-engage staff and cope with attrition? 

Community Engagement


Discover ways to communicate with the public within the current context, reach new customers, add value for your community beyond your products and services, and make your gym more inclusive and equitable.

Financial Positioning &


Explore financial survival strategies and resources to help you advocate for yourself. You will learn what your financial survival options are, what innovative strategies for funding you can access, how you can manage expenses, and how others have negotiated.

How You Can Build a Strong Team Culture

86% of business owners agreed that having engaged employees is critical to success, but only 23% know what to do to make it happen. Tap into Marc Koehler's 30+ years of experience as a US Nuclear Submarine Officer and Turnaround CEO for solutions.

Discussion Forums and Meet-Ups

The Survive & Thrive platform allows owners, managers, and industry professionals continued access to our community board, meet-ups, and other attendees. 

Survive & Thrive is the best place to ask your burning questions about what you and your gym need to do to make it through the pandemic and work towards rebuilding.



Our discounted on-demand tickets give you access to the recordings of all event sessions, problem solving wrap-up discussions, and our community board.