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Management/Operations Staff

The Management/Operations Staff Track will explore best practices for team operations, providing exceptional customer service, complying with risk management policies, and driving membership growth. You can expect to connect with your peers in similar roles across climbing facilities in your region.

This track is ideal for: front desk, operations, and membership staff at the manager level.



In the Routesetter Track, you will explore routesetting theory and best practices with industry peers, increase your technical skillset to optimize efficiency, and develop important team management skills to grow as a leader.

This track is ideal for: mid-career routesetters, or experienced routesetters in need of work-at-height skills training.

Youth and Adult Instructors

The Youth and Adult Instruction track will focus on growing and improving your gym's commercial programs that work with youth and adults.

This track is ideal for: commercial program staff, trainers, and coaches.


Buyers and Retail Staff

- Coming Soon!

The Retail Track (TBA) will discuss best practices for improving your retail program, providing excellent customer service, improving sales and profitability, and managing inventory. Buyers will also have the chance to connect with CWA Meetings sponsors to explore the latest products and services available.

This track is ideal for: retail staff or operations staff whose role involves retail. 


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